The First In Our Barnyard Series


Did you know?


1. Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent, among the smartest animals on the planet, up there with dolphins and apes.

2. Their sense of smell is outstanding. What else to know about their nose: The disk of cartilage at the tip of the snout is connected to a muscle that gives it extra strength and flexibility for rooting in the ground.

3. Pigs have a great sense of taste. They have 1,000 taste buds, Humans have 9,000.

4. An adult pig can run up to one mile per hour.

5. Pigs are easily trained to walk on a leash, use a litter box, and do tricks.

6. Pigs have a good sense of direction.

7. Pigs don’t “eat like pigs” or “pig out.” They eat slowly and savor their food.

8. They are tremendously clean animals and don’t soil their living areas.

9. Pigs don’t “sweat like pigs.” In fact, they don’t sweat. They bathe in water and mud to keep cool, and get this, prefer water to mud!

10. They are very peaceful and rarely aggressive.