New year, new podcasts


One of my resolutions for this year is to continue educating myself about all things food. I'm finding listening to podcasts is one great way to achieve this while also folding laundry and doing the dishes. After testing a good many food-related programs, I’ve rounded up four of the most entertaining. Enjoy!

1. Sustainable Dish
This podcast is a collection of conversations with farmers, food activists, nutritionists, authors, and food influencers. Hosted by Diana Rodgers, a registered dietitian and farmer outside of Boston, MA, Sustainable Dish was created to bring listeners timely information about all things related to food and sustainable living. Recent episodes include interviews with Mary Heffernan of Five Marys Farm and Why Sleep Matters with Dan Pardi.

2. Real Food Reads
Food and politics come together in this virtual book club from Real Food Media. Anna Lappé, author and  food expert, hosts monthly conversations with important authors around book reviews and timely topics surrounding food-related media. Topics range from weed killers to food waste management to the history of the world. This podcast offers great reading recommendations and fascinating conversations that are sure to offer inspiration for listeners, no matter what topic you’re into. 

3. Bite
For people “who think hard about their food,” Bite podcast explores the food industry through interviews with journalists, bloggers, writers, chefs, and just about every facet of the food system. Tom Philpott, food and farming writer for Mother Jones, alongside editors Kiera Butler and Maddie Oatman cover controversial topics with wit and integrity. Most recently, the team delved into “hippie food” and the raw water trend in “Episode 47 – Not Just Granola: How Hippies Reinvented American Cuisine

4. Food Non-Fiction
The Academy of Podcasters awarded this gem the Best Food Podcast of 2017 Award, and for good reason. Hosts Lillian Yang and Fakhri Shafai cover the real stories behind real foods, such as the development of corn flakes, monastery breweries in Belgium, and the creation of Nutella. Some episodes include interviews with leaders in the world of food such as Temple Grandin, whose research revolutionized the slaughterhouse industry. This podcast is an entertaining listening experience for those who are looking for short stories and fun facts.

Hopefully this list gets you started wading through the endless treasure trove that is food podcasts. Let us know what you’re listening to!

Madeline Judge is a former Stone Pier Press News Fellow. In the last year, she has shifted her focus from producing food to writing about it in the hopes of informing people about where their food originates and affecting change in how it gets from farm to fork.