our News Fellows

Our team of News Fellows helps us report on what's going on and get out the word on how to become part of the solution. They're a big part of what allows our publishing company to push for change and we're grateful for their energy, smarts, and activism.

A book trailer for Gwen the Rescue Hen, produced by News Fellow Theresa Thao Nguyen.

News Fellows have produced book trailers for Gwen and Sprig. Built out an extensive archive of climate friendly recipes. Helped research and write books on regenerative gardening. Added to our archive of helpful hints for would-be carbon farmers. Shared our message on social media channels. Launched email campaigns that have landed author interviews and book reviews. Engineered crowdfunding campaigns, tracked down book ideas, worked on website design, and taken over any number of special projects, like the recent request from a partner to recommend kids books with an environmental message. They’ve also written dozens of solutions-oriented stories, a number of which have been picked up by our partner, Independent Media, and shared with millions of readers.

Prospective News Fellows can apply for a Spring, Summer, or Fall session, each of which runs four months. The program is part-time and remote. Participation in the program gives Fellows a chance to:

  • improve environmental writing and editorial skills;

  • develop digital marketing expertise;

  • gain project management experience;

  • parse site traffic and google ads;

  • develop design skills;

  • work on nonprofit development;

  • learn about the business of independent publishing;

  • get experience in business and partnership development.

In the course of reporting and spreading the word about the good food movement, most graduate from our program as activists. Every one of them leaves knowing more about how to write and create meaningful engagement around issues that matter to them. With your help we can continue to support the development of our News Fellows. Please donate, or reach out to clare@stonepierpress.org for more information.

Thank you!