Why the meat factories of the future will look like breweries


What if you could eat an all-meat burger without harming any cows in the process? Welcome to clean meat, which is grown outside an animal. Bruce Friedrich, the director of The Good Food Institute, told Vice that it's grown by taking a batch of animal stem cells and, basically, introducing the same fermentation process used to brew beer.

Several companies are working to get clean meat on the market. Among the biggest is Memphis Meats, a Bay Area company that produced the world's first clean meat poultry this past March. It aims to bring clean meat to consumers by 2021 and it's hoping to have a huge impact. Besides the obvious ethical advantages of having cruelty-free meat, Memphis Meats expects clean meat production to use up to 90% fewer green house gas emissions and save on land use and water, too.

Takeaway: As exciting as this news is, clean meat is still a few years away from being widely available. Until then there's always the veggie burger. Our favorites include Dr. Praeger's Kale Burger and the Impossible Burger. Yours?

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