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With your support we can publish solutions-oriented ENVIRONMENTAL content and fund our news fellow program.



Stone Pier Press is an environmental publishing house with a food focus.

We're a small, mission-oriented press based in San Francisco. Through our books and news stories we highlight how to create a healthier, cooler, more humane world through the way we grow, eat, and dispose of food, making it easier for any one of us to take action. 

News Fellow program: Three times a year we invite up to 10 people interested in honing skills as writers, filmmakers, designers, and marketers to join our team. In the course of reporting and spreading the word about the good food movement, most graduate from our program as activists. Every one of them leaves knowing more about how to write and create meaningful engagement around issues that matter to them. With your help we can continue to support the development of our News Fellows.


Good Food stories: With your help we can further expand our Good Food News Bureau and produce a steady flow of stories, videos, and photos that inspire action. We can generate and share more healthy, plant-based Good Food Recipes. And we can continue to produce tips that make it easy to grow your own food using a regenerative, soil-based, carbon-storing approach in The Regenerative Gardener.

Solutions-oriented books: Your support makes it possible for us to publish high-quality books on regenerative agriculture, farm animal welfare, clean meat technology, healthy plant-based eating, and more.

Sharing our books with kids in need: Donations allow us to pursue distribution partnerships that get our books into schools and libraries in underserved communities. 

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