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The beef with regenerative grazing

Advocates often tote grass-finished beef as environmentally sustainable in comparison to the grain-finished feedlot alternative. But is that true? A recent report by Impossible Foods challenges that claim.

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Progress in fight against Big Ag polluters

The truth is no one really knows how much factory farm waste is escaping into our environment because no federal agency collects consistent and reliable information on the number, size, and location of large-scale agricultural operations, nor the pollution they’re emitting. Without this information, no one can monitor and hold CAFOS accountable for mismanaged waste and related health and environmental damage. Stanford Law Professor Daniel Ho and PhD student Cassandra Handan-Nader are hoping to change that.

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Who’s right when it comes to hamburgers and climate change?

The hamburger has become central to national discussions about climate change, raising the question: how much does animal agriculture really contribute to greenhouse gas emissions? Photo source

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