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What else can one person do to improve the health and wellbeing of our planet?        

A lot, it turns out.    


Eat greener. Many experts agree that cutting back on meat and dairy is the most effective step each of us can take to fight climate change, conserve resources, and stay healthy. So serve meat as a garnish instead of an entree. Pour a dairy alternative on your cereal. Consider Meatless Mondays and VB6 (vegan before 6pm). Seek out plant-based alternatives like the ones produced by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. It all helps.

Minimize food waste. Aim to buy only what you can eat - we waste an average of 475 pounds of food a year. Share, store, and compost the leftovers. 

Plant a sustainable garden. Forward-thinking farmers are already pulling carbon out of the air by practicing sustainable agriculture. Imagine what could happen if their numbers grow and home gardeners join in as well. (Note: We're publishing our own beginner's guide for the regenerative gardener. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll alert you when it's ready.)

Vote with your wallet. Support farms and ranches that adopt humane and sustainable practices. Order plant-based options when eating out. Seek out meatless alternatives. Plenty of dairy alternatives are out there, too. Support efforts to make plant-based options available in underserved communities. 

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