Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil


adapted from Pepper Design

| Yield: six 8-ounce bottles |



What You'll Need

For six 8-ounce bottles you can gift to friends, you'll need 15-20 fresh rosemary sprigs and one half gallon of olive oil.



Begin by soaking your rosemary in fresh water for an hour. Remove and rinse. Make sure to give your rosemary a chance to dry before you begin.

To prep your infusion, pour half of the olive oil and half of your rosemary into a large pot on low heat. Ensure all goes in at the same time so you don't fry your herbs. Let the mixture sit and infuse for 5-10 minutes. You’ll know that much of the flavor has been steeped out of the herbs when they begin to wilt and turn a different shade of green. Turn heat off and let cool completely. Distribute the other half of your rosemary evenly throughout your glass bottles.

Fill each bottle with warm infused olive oil and half with the remaining fresh olive oil. Oh the smell! Cork and let sit for two weeks for full infusion. Did we mention it's simply delicious with bread and salt?


Recommended Pairings